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who write for me boot.asm 32 bit.Fat32
User can select D: active XP,not Format data HDD & not MS-DOS
boot.asm->compile->strip header-> not copy to floppy disk ,I copy to Cd-rom,normal.Can I do ?
[b]gcc mix with NASM[/b][color=Blue][/color]

I write bitmap.c display bitmap > 256 color on screen
But I have VGA card on board.Result bad color.
How to: display bitmap > 256 color on screen ?
[color=Red]Palette have ...color ? [/color][size=3][/size]
Struct of bitmap:
Struct tagBITMAP{
Word w,h;
Byte *data;
Byte palette[256*3];
Or answer is:1.
Desktop> right button clickpropertiesSettingDisplay:Plug &
Play on intel(R) 82845G GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
Color Qualtily:Highest(32 bit)
2.I change 16 bit to 32 to do ?

Help me

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