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some help with inheritance

Jo_oLJo_oL Member Posts: 1
i am trying to write a program that "Store a value in the monetary coin that represents its value and add a method that returns its value."

i have started to write the program but when i compile it i get an error about "incompatible types."

Here is my program so far, can someone help me:

[code]public class MonetaryCoin extends Coin{

protected int value;

public MonetaryCoin(int faceValue){
value = faceValue;

public int getMonetaryCoin(){
return value+super.flip();



  • silveredge52silveredge52 Member Posts: 198
    Without knowing all the classes in your application, ie. the Coin class, and not knowing what statement the error is pointing to this suggestion is only a guess.
    The guess is that the error is pointing to this line,
    [code]return value+super.flip();[/code]
    because the method super.flip does not return an "int".

    It is not clear why the method super.flip is part of the return statement.
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