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Help Help urgent !!!

I have two frames in a document.


frame 1 has a save button.

frame 2 have a form and other objects to collect user registration.

so with above things,how can i validate for a mandatory field in frame2 when user clicks a save button in a frame 1?


i have written a function in frame 2 for validating the field and i am calling it from frame1 onclick of save button.the problem here is i am able to get the alert message when field is null but the focus is going pls can any of give some valuable suggestions or pls give some links who have already used such things in their web sites.or pls give me a pieace of code.


  • First off. this question makes no sense what so ever.

    but from what i read i think you are saying that you have 2 frames ok, a top and a bottom.

    The top frame has a SAVE button and the bottom frame is where the user enters the information.

    Once the user has filled in the details and clicks SAVE you want the info to open in the top frame. Is this correct?

  • Hi dean,


    when the user clicks the save button from 1 st frame

    i have to validate the the text box in second frame.(this thing i am able to do it),but i am unable to set the focus back to textbox,so pls can you help me out with some code?

    thanx with regards,


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